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Bungee Dome

Bungee Trampoline & High Rope Domes

Now for something different! Of course were well known for our fantastic food and drink outlets, but you might not know that we also have a separate company which operate fantastic event attractions all over the world. Our amazing geodesic dome structures can be used either with our brilliant bungee trampoline systems. Which allow everyone young and old, the possibility of catapulting themselves weightlessly up to seven meters, while performing high and complex acrobatics with ease.Or the amazing high ropes course which is the height of adventure! Designed to enable you to swing, climb, balance and fly across a series of obstacles including rope bridges, giant spiders webs and wobbly logs all the while being safely connected to the glider safety harness system. The size and futuristic shape generates a strong visual impact that inspires intense curiosity. And the membrane cover has been designed to protect the participants not only from any rain showers but it also provides protection from solar radiation generating a cool and shady interior even on the hottest days.So as well as having some of the most fantastic food at your event you can also have some of the best fun attractions too!

Exterior of dome set up with high ropes course

Interior of dome showing various obstacles to tackle on the ropes course

Dome set up for Bungee trampoline's

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